The Joy of Sleeping In


I’m trying to be more positive. That’s a sentence that’s probably been written a million times (often as an intro to some thinly veiled complaining. Hopefully I don’t follow that route). I recently began reading Caitlin Moran’s collection of Essays, Moranthology. Towards the end of her introduction she wrote that her “underlying, abiding belief is that the world is, still, despite everything, a flat out amazing place.” A belief she shares with the Doctor and, I like to think, myself (I just need reminding sometimes). So instead of posting an incredibly angry and frustrated post about applying for jobs I don’t want, I’ve decided to write about the joys of a sleep in (an often guilt-inducing side effect of being unemployed that my long term employed friend says, I should enjoy while I can.)

It is getting hotter by the second in Australia and, if you’re lucky enough to live in the sunshine state, as I do, muggier. Normally when thinking of the virtues of a sleep in people’s mind’s drift to those midwinter mornings when you wish you didn’t start work until, at least, the hinges on your bedroom door have defrosted. Now the cold morning sleep in is definitely a winner but there’s something to be said for those hot and sweaty ones, wearing little or nothing and just a light cotton sheet caressing your skin. Your eyelids are heavy and sticky and can’t bear to open. You’re wrapped up in a blanket of humidity, safe and cosy like returning to the womb (if you’re into that kind of thing). It’s the lethargy that comes with such weather that begs a sleep in and succumbing to that lethargy is the first joy I’m sighting here. Number two?

Space. If you share your bed with someone this is the perfect opportunity to stretch out, do the starfish or sleep diagonally. There’s something freeing about sleeping so recklessly, flinging yourself about as you like. Why not break all rule and sleep upside down.

Intimacy. The opposite of space. If your bed buddy has no place to be you can share sleep in. If that mugginess isn’t too oppressive get your cuddle on. Alternatively the sleep in may transmute into a different bed based activity, but that’s pretty joyous too.

A lay in. While not technically a sleep the lay in is also a popular past time of mine. How it differs is that you’re not asleep so you’re usually doing something while lounging in your PJs in bed. Whether it’s as low key as checking your Facebook news feed or as ambitious as tackling War & Peace, it’s all pretty great.

Not getting dressed. I love it. Sitting around in undies and an oversized t-shirt you got on your high school ski trip (the most comfortable clothes on earth), what could be better.

Take it up a notch. You’ve woken. There’s no going back, the sleep in is officially a lay in. Why not make a quick trip to the kitchen make yourself a coffee, hell why not do a complete fry up, take it back to bed and lap it up. If no one else is home no one else will know (make sure not to leave crumbs crumbs) and, thus, no one can judge. Enjoy it, not every day will offer you this. Small pleasures, soak them up.

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