Kiss me, it’s raining!

the notebook

All of my favourite romantic moments happen in the rain, or post drenching, dripping wet and consumed with relief at avoiding getting even more wet. Angel’s deflowering of Buffy or rather Buffy’s desouling of Angel, almost every single mack on between Haley and Nathan on One Tree Hill, Sweet Home Alabama, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Notebook, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!!

This one was so romantic it not only turned him into a questionably attractive man but saved his bloody life!

I’ve never kissed anyone in the rain, let alone had a romantic moment, but I imagine it wouldn’t be as awesome as it appears on screen. We all know why they do it though. It heightens the intensity and, in a very gothic way, the weather is reflecting the emotionals (the scenes are pouring with passion). Even if it will only disappoint, it’s still on my bucket list. I will have my rain-soaked moment even if I have to pull some poor sod out of his warm and cosy bed to do it.

What about you? Have you ever had a moment in the rain? How was it? Or in lieu of that, what’s your favourite fictional moment heightened by the weather.

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