Hello there, my name is Sarah Fallon. I’m a writer and all-round creative type based on the south coast of NSW, Australia.

I’ve been making up and sharing stories with words, pictures and objects for as long as I can remember. As a kid you could find me drawing comics between class, writing fantasy epics while my friends watched movies, making a fairy lantern out of sticks and fabric scraps, whatever it was I was always creating.

In 2010 I graduated from a Bachelor degree in Literature and Film & TV. At a loss for what to do next, I started my first creative business, Hearsay, making and selling jewellery which made its way into stores across Australia and overseas.

In 2014 I wanted to shift gears to focus on writing and enrolled in a Masters of Professional Writing and Literature. From this came my first two published short stories, ‘Mirror, Mirror’ and ‘A Girl and her Dog’, as well as the 2017 winning story of the Thunderbolt Prize for Crime Writing, ‘Roots’.

I’ve continued writing fiction and non-fiction for various publications, including Aurealis Magazine and Overland Online, as well as freelance projects for Cambridge University Press and Wollongong Writers Festival.

In 2018 I began working full time in the publishing industry while continuing to pursue writing (novels now) and rediscovering my love of art and drawing while on my long commute.