Positive Thinking

So the power of positive think ey? After forcing myself to be chipper, and writing about sleep ins instead of whinging, I’ve managed to turn that vat of self-loathing I was swimming in into sunbeams and rainbows (hopefully a pot of gold will turn up soon). After one of those enjoyable, lazy sleep ins this morning I tackled a big and exciting job application. But I didn’t just do the lazy man’s approach as per usual, oh no. I overhauled and optimised (buzzword) my resume. It was long overdue when I think about the fact I’ve been using the same basic template for the last five years and leaving even the most redundant experience in its place at the end. I was so good, I even went to Job Access to get some pointers. I responded carefully and methodically (but also concisely) to the selection criteria and wrote a pretty good cover letter. In all it took me most of the day (with regular distractions) hopefully it’ll be worth it.

What I’m taking from all this? If you’re feeling sad or angry or lazy or useless, pretend you’re not and soon you won’t be. Woot! I’m an amazing person! Now you say it…

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