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I’m a freelance and fiction writer and this is the place you’ll find advice, tips and behind the scenes of my writing life and business.


January: In which a plan was made

The first month of 2023 has come to a close. How are we all feeling? Somehow I already feel burnt out. But I’m also invigorated and excited about the year ahead. I spent most of this month setting goals and targets, formulating a five year plan and creating spreadsheets. As a result I’ve updated the…

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How many spreadsheets does it take to get published?

Truth be told, the answer to that question is none. When I was first published I had zero spreadsheets. No submission tracker or pitch tracker. Nothing. I didn’t even know how much I liked spreadsheets yet. These days my love affair with spreadsheets is in full flight (I had one for my son’s first foods…

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Goal Setting for Writers

Goal setting is goal setting, right? You just pick something you want and work towards it. Well, maybe it’s just me, but recently I found completely lost for what to do next in my writing career. This year I’ve been throwing myself into writing. Both freelance and fiction, for both children and adults. So, you…

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Angela Slatter on Authority in Fiction

Recently I’ve been trawling back through some of my most admired author’s blogs to try and piece together their literary career. So I can replicate it exactly and ride their coattails to success of course. One of those author’s is the fabulous fabulist Angela Slatter. When I was in my late teens possibly early twenties…

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