Short Stories

Showing Hearts (Upcoming)

Winner of The Writing Junction Mentorship and Microfiction Competition
A woman who can turn into a crow discovers something unpleasant about her husband.

The Writing Junction
A group of harpies take on a young human lover. Told through the eyes of a younger member of the group.

A Girl and her Dog
SQ Mag
Cassie wakes up to find a puppy in place of her partner. This relationship just goes to show that not everything is better with a dog. A bit of strange fiction focusing on what can’t always be fixed.

Mirror Mirror
Phantasmagoria Magazine
When best friends, Michelle and Jess, move in together after high school they both become transfixed by an old antique mirror Michelle brings into the apartment.

Flash Fiction

Daisies and Dandelions 
The Airgonaut

A writer is visited by a character from her past with some unfinished business.

Fairy Lights and Black Holes

A Ghost

Sally Turner