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  • Kiss me, it’s raining!

    All of my favourite romantic moments happen in the rain, or post drenching, dripping wet and consumed with relief at avoiding getting even more wet. Angel’s deflowering of Buffy or rather Buffy’s desouling of Angel, almost every single mack on between Haley and Nathan on One Tree Hill, Sweet Home Alabama, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The…

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  • How we feed the dogs

    My mother calls me to the kitchen, “Can you help with the dogs?” “Yes!” I jump off my bed (where I spend most of my time these days). She’s putting the final touches on their dinner, a cup each of dry bickies. I pick up two bowls, the smallest and the second smallest for Angus…

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  • The Phenomenal and Phenomenological Whiplash

    It’s not often I walk into a movie theatre not knowing anything about the film I’m about to see. Operating on the sound endorsement of a stranger that it was very good, two friends and I decided at 12:56 to make a mad dash to the 12:50 session rather than wait around for another six…

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  • My Brisbane Writers Festival Wish List

    The Brisbane Writers Festival program was released today and I have already compiled my event wish list. The Art of the Essay: Writer and essayist Anne Manne guides you through the craft of shaping and writing a literary essay, understanding how it differs from feature articles and opinion pieces, and identifying publication opportunities. Histories of Melancholia: In…

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