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  • Angela Slatter on Authority in Fiction

    Recently I’ve been trawling back through some of my most admired author’s blogs to try and piece together their literary career. So I can replicate it exactly and ride their coattails to success of course. One of those author’s is the fabulous fabulist Angela Slatter. When I was in my late teens possibly early twenties […]

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  • October: In which fiction prevailed

    This month I’m finding it hard to recall what exactly happening. The last week resulted in my first overnight hospital stay with my two-year-old son who was having trouble breathing. While he’s fully recovered now, that unexpected event has overshadowed most other things. Casting my mind back, I can manage to remember that we had […]

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  • Mary Robinette Kowal on Writing Short Stories

    I’m a big fan of the Writing Excuses podcast. It’s how I first discovered Mary Robinette Kowal‘s sage advice and wonderful fiction. Recently I’ve been trying to brush up on my short story writing skills and was lucky enough to stumble across this brilliant guest lecture from Mary Robinette on writing short stories. She dives […]

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  • September: In which chaos reigned

    In this month in review it’s hard not to look back at all that’s changed in 2022. It’s been two months since we moved from suburbia to my partner’s dairy farm. It’s been three months since I left my job in publishing to better support the farm, cuddle up with my toddler and pursue freelance […]

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