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April: In which things changed

April was such a whirlwind of a month that I almost forgot to write this blog post. There were job opportunities to consider, life stuff that transpired. Easter happened. It was a month and I lost track of a lot of things, however I did catch up on some writing goals so lets check out the stats below.


Pitches and follow-ups sent: 2

Letters of Introduction sent: 2

Rejections: 1

Commissions: 1

Projects completed: 0

Money made: $0

I received one commission for a blog post this month that came from a LinkedIn connection that came from a random comment on a random post, so you never know where work might come from. This and the first of the three education titles I’m working on this year are almost complete, but not complete enough to be noted here unfortunately.


Stories written: 0

Stories edited: 0

Stories submitted: 7

Stories rejected: 3

Stories published: 0

Money made: $0

I’m back on track with my submission goals, and while last month took a dip I’m still sitting pretty to hit my annual target. Three rejections seem pretty standard at this point, but I have finally had some good news. One of my submissions has been highly commended in a competition I entered. Hopefully I’ll have more to share on that soon.

In other writing news, I have been investing in getting professional feedback on my short stories lately. This seems like the logical next step in improving my writing at this point. So far I’m really happy with this choice and it’s highlighted some areas I tend to struggle with and to keep an eye on across all my stories.

I’m excited to really get stuck into revisions moving forward and then hopefully getting some more favourable outcomes!

How was your April?

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