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Trusting Yourself with Lian Tanner

This amazing interview with Lian Tanner on the podcast The Sunshine House with Zanni Louise has a lot to offer. The thing that most resonated with me and has been occupying my mind lately, is the way writers grow to trust themselves. As we write more and more, we begin to trust our style, our voice, what we want to say and how we want to say it more and more.

It reminds we of something Mary Robinette Kowal said in a Writing Excuses podcast about publishing short stories (I think that’s where it was). First we learn to write well, then we learn to trust ourselves. I believe Ray Bradbury said something similar in Zen and the Art of Writing.

I’ve reached a point in my career where I know I can write well. I hope now I’m beginning to trust myself.

For Lian’s insights on trusting yourself and more listen to the full interview, it’s worth it.

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