February: In which I leapt ahead

February was a strong month in terms of submissions and pitches. I had a weekend getaway early on which coincided with an exciting opportunity resulting from last months mass LOI send out. I was commissioned for an wrote an article which will be published and paid for in March.


Pitches and follow-ups sent: 4

Letters of Introduction sent: 1

Rejections: 0

Commissions: 1

Projects completed: 1

Money made: $310

My first pay check of 2023 came in this month and I invoiced for my second. I’m hoping the money keeps rolling from this point though there’s nothing locked in coming up.

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One of the LOIs I sent out last month had a favourable response from an education publisher inviting me to submit ideas for a literacy series they’re commissioning. If my concepts are selected I’ll be sure to share more information on that.


Stories written: 2

Stories edited: 1

Stories submitted: 11

Stories rejected: 4

Stories published: 0

Money made: $0

If you’re following along at home you’ll know I absolutely smashed my monthly target of 4-5 short story submissions. This also meant a lot more rejections. While rejection is never fun (and 3 in one day is particularly brutal) I did receive one personal and encouraging rejection that let me know I was very close to being selected.

I was able to achieve such a high number of submissions for three reasons:

  1. I submitted simultaneously
  2. I submitted to markets with fast response times
  3. I submitted to reprint markets

How was your February?

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