Cathryn Free on Writing for Children’s Magazines

Ever since I set my goal for 2023 (breaking into writing for children’s magazine) I’ve been looking for resources and experience from other writers who have achieved this. I was beginning to despair when I stumbled upon Cathryn Free.

Cathryn Free is a teacher and writer with numerous publications in magazines for both children and adults. And lucky for us she’s written about it on her blog. She shares tips and advice as well as update on her own publications and the process of that publication with some very interesting insights. She even has her own post abut setting writing goals.

Here are my top three articles she’s written on writing for children’s magazines.

If you’re writing short stories or articles for kids or you want to, Children’s Magazines are a great market for getting them out into the world, and perhaps launching a career in children writing. Cathryn free offers some great tips and resources to get you started!

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