Angela Slatter on Authority in Fiction

Recently I’ve been trawling back through some of my most admired author’s blogs to try and piece together their literary career. So I can replicate it exactly and ride their coattails to success of course.

One of those author’s is the fabulous fabulist Angela Slatter. When I was in my late teens possibly early twenties I participated in a short story critique group run by Angela Slatter via Queensland Writers Centre. I look back on it now as marking a massive leap in my writing. I hadn’t even known how to format dialogue before that!

Angela’s blog is full of great advice for writers and this post on how to get readers to believe your wonderfully outlandish ideas, worlds and characters is no exception. You can read it right here on Angela’s blog.

It highlights the importance of clarity and specificity in description, detail and just about every facet of your writing. I actually remember reading it back in the day, but it’s always good to get a reminder. We consume so much information these days we sometimes forget things we think we’ve already learnt. Well I do anyway, and then I slip into old lazier habits. So let this be the reminder for you.

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