September: In which chaos reigned

In this month in review it’s hard not to look back at all that’s changed in 2022. It’s been two months since we moved from suburbia to my partner’s dairy farm. It’s been three months since I left my job in publishing to better support the farm, cuddle up with my toddler and pursue freelance and fiction writing. The ball should have been well and truly rolling by now. It is not.

I could list the many impediments to settling into a dedicated workflow, but thinking about it is just as tiring as living it. Rather than dwell, let’s look at the stats for September.


Pitches sent: 1

LinkedIn connections made: 0

Commissions: 1

Projects completed: 1

Money made: $300

For a month of nearly zero effort put in, a toddler with tonsilitis followed closely by bronchiolitis, I’m happy with that result. I’m also ready to hit the ground running next month. Settlement for our house is the 5th of October, so we’ll no long have that hanging over our heads. I’m hoping I’ll finally get my rhythm back with all the domestic activities I’ve been drowning in. Here I come meal planning!


Stories/words written: 0

Stories edited: 1

Stories submitted: 1

Stories published: 0

Money made: $0

The numbers are typically low in the world of fiction, for me at least. It hasn’t been a priority and, as usual, that has led me to feeling lost and despondent. I recognised this late in the month and started forcing myself back into it and feeling much better. I had my first picture book writers critique group meeting which was amazing. It was so good to talk to likeminded people again and I got some great tips for my picture Toby and the Storm Makers. I’ve updated the manuscript and have now submitted it to Larrikin House (previous versions have been rejected 5 times).

Investing in Yourself

While this month has had to be about other things, this year has been all about backing myself. I’ve completed both of Lindy Alexander’s amazing courses, Freelance Fundamentals and Write Earn Thrive. I also made the big leap of leaving my part-time publishing job. It was a big change but felt like a long time coming.

A little bit of confidence

I don’t think people usually site becoming a mum as a confidence builder. Perhaps it forced me to accept I’m not the inexperienced kid in every situation , or it made me recognise how valuable my time and resources are. In any case, in the last few years I’ve been far more willing to put myself out there. I engage in FB groups, reach out to potential writing buddies, negotiate higher fees. It’s hard to do, and taken me a while to get there, but I know it will better my writing and further my career as a writer.

The nitty gritty

If you’ve read my post on organising my writing files, you’ll know I have some pretty big goals for reorganising my filing system. I’ve definitely gotten started but it’s going to be a long slog.

I hope in the following months I can move ahead with more writing goals. I’ll let you know.

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