You Reap What You Sow

I was listening to the Being Boss podcast yesterday and they were talking about magic. Specifically, they were talking about how saying what you want to do and achieve out loud can make the thing manifest.

Or at least it may feel that way, since saying it out loud may subconsciously make you work harder to achieve it. Sort of like that saying ‘the harder I work, the luckier I am’.

Whether it’s magic, coincidence, luck or work, I’ve experienced instances of this or something similar in my own life.

Over a year ago I put a video on Youtube about how I write short stories. A few people watched it, nobody commented, it just sat there. For the last few months I’ve been wanting to offer a short story critique service. I’ve been planning and thinking and telling my nearest and dearest about it. Then, earlier this week, someone commented on the video. They asked if I knew any editors and it got around to the fact that they needed someone to look at a few short stories they’d written. Bam! I offered them this service I’d been working on.

It may not be magic but rather a case of reaping what you sow.

The writing world and the online business world is a slow game, it can feel excruciating sometimes, especially when you’re starting out. I’ve felt it. I’ve been so frustrated and miserable that nothing is going my way that I’ve just wanted to give up and commit myself to Netflix and a day job for the rest of my life. But eventually I pull up my socks and get back to it. Usually that’s when the magic starts happening.

It can take over a year for something I’ve put out into the world to come back around. But most of it does. In the meantime, you’ve just got to keep putting stuff out there. Again and again and again.

It’s hard and it can hurt, but then there’s the magic.

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