Showing Hearts has been published!

Two weeks ago Volume 18 of FIVE:2:ONE hit the stands with my name on the contents page. It was a long slog from acceptance (mid last year) to publication but it was worth it to see me name in an honest to goodness Amazon listing.

Volume 18 FIVE:2:ONE

The story, ‘Showing Hearts’ is about a pair of ex-lovers. One has a broken heart and the other has the tools to mend it, but perhaps at the cost of her own.

Last year I wrote about my experience of rejection as a short story writer. In it referred to the many rejections this story and another have received over time. I just want to say writing really is a long game. It takes patience, perseverance and a very thick skin.

The other story, ‘Roots’, has also met with recent success having one the fiction category of the Thunderbolt Crime Writing Competition last year.

I’m really excited to see this story in print at last. If you would like to buy a copy of the magazine you can do so at Amazon.

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