NaNoWriMo 2017: Day 22


I can’t say I did much yesterday. I tinkered a little with my short story but I intend to look at it properly in December. Gotta give it time to breath. It might be a bit of a short turn around but I want to submit it to the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide which is due December 31.

I usually like to rewrite/edit a story myself then send it round to a bunch of readers before editing it again and then submitting.

I do have some writer friends who are willing to look at my work but they are very busy people, So when I feel I need a quick turn around or I’ve been sending them to many stories I use Critique Circle.

November 22

  • Not a whole lot
  • Shopping (errands)
  • 4 hours retail work – Day Job 2

Gosh it was hard to think of what I did, I better try harder today.

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