NaNoWriMo 2017: Day 19

I was watching Paul Kelly Live at the Sydney Opera House (on TV) last night and during an interview he said something about song writing that struck a cord (no pun intended). He said a lot of song writing was boring yourself until you have an idea.

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I totally agree with that, or to put it another way, giving yourself time to daydream! It is very hard when you’re a ‘grown-up’ to do nothing. Even if you have free time, you feel guilty for not doing something more productive or you fill the void with Netflix.

I do this constantly and on day 19 I didn’t. I actually said to myself and my partner, ‘This afternoon I shall daydream.” 

I did, and at first it was hard to find my way through the Swamp of Many Ideas that I’ve been living in lately, but then I picked one thing and then guess what happened… Inspiration struck! I had and idea and I jumped up and started writing. In the shower this morning, I thought more about the idea and now I have two and half scenes and something of an ending.

I unfortunately have to work today but when I get writing I’ll be ready now, I bored myself into having all the tools i need.

November 19

  • Hung out with my visiting cousin and his girlfriend/my friends
  • Day Dreamed!!!!
  • Wrote a little
  • Fun dinner and games with the visitors

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