NaNoWriMo 2017: Day 15 + Exciting News

So you may remember a few days ago I received some exciting and distracting news? Well I can now share that news with you….

My short story ‘Roots’ won the 2017 Thunderbolt Prize for Crime Writing, fiction category!

The New England Thunderbolt Prize for Crime Writing is a national award for unpublished short-form crime writing in three main categories: Fiction,  Non-Fiction,  and Poetry.

Emma Viskic judged the fiction category and wrote about my story:

“An unsettling story that effectively uses the mundane event of a sewerage blockage to create tension. The truth about the protagonist’s character is slowly revealed through his thoughts and memories. Narrative detail is sparse, but evocatively used, letting the reader fill in the gaps of the story with their own imagination.”

My story, along with all the other category winners will be published on the New England Writers’ Centre website in December.
Now as for what I got up to on day 15 of NaNoWriMo…

November 15

  • Read
  • Commuted to Sydney
  • 5 hours work – Day Job 1
  • Commuted home from Sydney
  • Watched TV

Not a very exciting day and at work I was constantly feeling my stories calling to me. I’m desperate to find a room of my own and just think and read and write!

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