Letters From the Road: Gold Coast

Helensvale Canals

Dear Dreamers,

It’s good to have family. Especially family that happen to live along the south east coast of QLD and can put you up on your way to NSW. My cousin in Brisbane and my aunt and uncle on the Gold Coast did (and continue to do) that. We’ve been wined and dined and slept in a real bed and gone to a toilet that we don’t share with hundreds of strangers. We’ve showered, we’ve shaved, we’ve been heavily caffeinated.  Life is good, but all good things…

But before we get to that let me tell you where we’ve been, prior to the pampering.

When last I wrote we were in Emerald. Not a bad town, in fact, when it comes to op shops, it’s quite a good town. I got a flanno and Mat got a book all for a neat $5. Despite that we did prefer Roma (a little south of Emerald) where we spent a bit more money, and I picked up The View from the Cheap Seatsa collection of non-fiction by Neil Gaiman with a title I believe my father would have enjoyed.

We camped in some great spots this time, no more rest stops, thank you.

Elphinstone Lake: Great name, great view, noisy birds. Everything you could hope for.


Judd’s Lagoon: Another waterside locale with some big ducks Snoop and I found threatening.

Aggressive Ducks

Yarramalong Weir: Good spot for walking Snoop and some nice neighbours who invited us round their campfire in the evening. The fire was sorely needed of course, because it was frickin’ freezing with a harsh wind winding up from the snow that had fallen the day. With a trickle of fear running down our backs, we realised we’re heading back into winter.

Not much writing occurring since I’ve been socialising but I have begun typing all those pesky hand written items in my notebook.

As our travels are drawing to a close I have been thinking about what to do with this blog. There are a few areas I would like get into or return to and I definitely want to create regular content and build my readership. So if anyone out there reading this has any suggestions or requests, please don’t hesitate to comment.

Here’s want I’m thinking so far;
– Author Interviews, like those I’ve done with Helen Scheuerer and Julie Koh.
Book Reviews. These will always be irregular because I’m a slow reader and can’t promise anything.
– Reading Lists. Topics might include certain narrative structures, fairy tale retellings or Christmas (you know, for Christmas time).
– Fact Sheets. Info pages on different mythological creature, gods or magical artifacts, or on components of fiction; plot devices; structural techniques, point of views.

Any input on what you might like to read would be very much appreciated.

I stopped reading The Three Musketeers. I’d pushed through some of the archaic aspects, such beating your lackey being a perfectly OK thing for a hero to do, but then it got worse and I lost interest. I’ll try again because I like to complete things but right now I’m reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being and loving the hell out of it. It’s very literary, the plot moves back and forth in time and doesn’t even seem to be much of plot at all but somehow, magically, it is an utterly riveting read. What’s funny is it was recommended to me by a vulgar drunk at the rural pub where we worked earlier in the holiday. He had blood on his shirt from branding cattle, drank two scotch and cokes at a time and made constant jokes about seeing my tits and at the same time was passionate and intelligent reader. You get all sorts in the bush.

Until next time, I’m off to kayak down the canals.


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