Letters from the Road: Townsville

Dear Dreamers,

I don’t know what to tell you. A lot has happened since last I wrote. We’ve stayed at Monto, Lindley’s Crossing, Marlborough, Boulder Creek, Bowen River Hotel, and now a lovely property just north of Townsville. We’ve seen things too; pop up communities of hippie revelers, masses of brahman cattle mustered over Bowen River for the annual campdraft and rodeo, the idyllic bays of Magnetic Island.

Brahman Bull

The people we met. While staying at Bowen River Hotel (a work in exchange for food and board sorta deal known as Helpx) we worked with two French and one American Backpackers who are totally amazing. It was great bonding experience and we’re already making plans of reuniting. We also made a few useful connections. We met one of the friendliest and most helpful men I’ve ever encountered, who is now letting us stay on his property for free and feeding us well to boot. We’ve also made a work contact on a Wagyu farm which will hopefully pay off when we head back down south.

Strathmore Station

The people we met. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses and some people can really ruin a good experience. I won’t name names or go into detail but suffice it to say we’re reluctant to try Helpx again.

We haven’t eaten out much as we’ve been camping or had our food provided at the Hotel while we worked. We were a bit disappointed that Bowen didn’t have many seafood options other than your usual fish and chips. Out food highlight however has been right here. The property we’ve been staying on has a billabong full of fish and a few days ago Mat caught, prepped and cooked a fish for the first time. It was delicious!

Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

It just ain’t happening is it. I’ve got so many ideas swirling in this big ol’ head of mine and nothings getting to the page. I think it’s something about space. Mental rather than physical. Travelling is a very distracting, time sucking and mentally exhausting enterprise, and while it’s brilliant at filling the inspiration well it doesn’t leave much space for the practical, bum in seat, part of writing.

I’m still hammering away at American GodsI’ll finish it one day. Some of those secrets I suspected earlier are beginning to reveal themselves and even though it’s been slow going I haven’t lost interest.


Until next time,


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