Letters from the Road: April 2017

Dear Dreamers,

Our last month in Capalaba has begun (last five weeks if you want to be technical). It’s exciting and nerve racking, because after we leave we literally have no place to go. The safety nets gone, or at least its back in Victoria, and we’ll really be the gypsy’s everyone jokes that we are (#GypsyLife).

In the time since I last checked in Mat got a job, so the money thang ain’t quite as terrifying as it could be. Though, it would have been great if I’d found something as well. I did complete a few writing assignments and have been paid for one of them so far. Otherwise we’ve been packing up my parents house ready for the big move. Quite a grueling activity I must say.

On the fun side of things I’ve been volunteering at Queensland Writers Centre one day a week, eating out, seeing movies (Beauty and the Beast an Logan) and catching up with my wonderful high school friends and terrifyingly terrific cousin.

I also participated in a workshop on writing for children with Pam Rushby last weekend which was very inspiring and have another this weekend on the Novella with AS Patric.

Snoop on mushroom patrol

Snoops enjoyed being settled again too, although she misses Mat when he’s at work, even more than I do. Hopefully she won’t be too disappointed when we hit the road again.

Next time I should have more photos and exciting tidbits to share as we’re planning on visiting Mt Tamborine and may have begun our travels.

Until then…

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