Letters from the Road: March 2017

Dear Dreamers,

Today is Mat and my first full day in Queensland. We have settled in to my parents old house for the next few months before it is handed over to its new owners.

Its a strange feeling being back here without my parents and knowing its the last time but I’m very glad I get this chance. We intend to make the most of it!

Gypsy Life

NSW farm

The last seven days were spent road-tripping from Victoria and through central NSW. which was a unique experience and the first time I’ve really traveled away from the coast.

snoop at murray
Snoop at the Murray

We camped on the Murray River, stopped in on friends (a farmer and science teacher in rural NSW), and drove through the beautiful Scenic Rim region of South-East Queensland.

Cranky Rock
Cranky Rock

I’ve had a fair few new experiences out of this trip already. I rode a farm bike (ok I was just on the back) around the property with three working dogs racing beside us and diving into the dams to cool down. I saw emus in the wild and learnt about sunflower crops after seeing a field of black-headed stalks drying out for the seeds to be collected. I think it would be worthwhile for governments or farmers (or both) to put out signs along the roads telling people what the different crops are. The more you know!

All in all it was a great trip.


Writing Life

Now that we’ve settled in to a a semi-permanent living situation its time to really knuckle down. I have three articles due by the end of the month but I’ll really need to up the freelance work load if that’s going to finance my travels. I’m going to keep looking for temp work just in case.

I also have a lot of short stories of the go right now. So, so many. Its great feeling this creative but hard to organise my thoughts and find the time to catch up with them. That’s what I’ll be doing this month, no doubt.

Other than that I’m hoping to get involved with Queensland Writers Centre while I’m in town and start plotting out a novel.

I’ll keep you posted.


Thanks for reading,

4 responses to “Letters from the Road: March 2017”

  1. Hi Sarah I am story writer I kinada found a character idea from your this blog so just want to thank u for that


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