Letters from the Road: Great Ocean Road

Last week my partner and I finally hit the Great Ocean Road, which has been on the top of our to do list since we moved to Victoria. It was a great road trip, stunning scenery, kind weather, here are some of the highlights.

*Disclaimer: fact and fiction abound below*


We stopped at Anglesea and walked to the lighthouse. The caretaker here once married a selkie and hid the skin under the floorboards of their bedroom. When he died she uncovered her hidden skin and returned to her family in the sea.

Otway National Park

We went on a tree-top walk in the Otway National Park, the longest and tallest of its type in the world. I found climbing the tower a terrifying challenge but conquered it nonetheless. The horned god lives here, as he does many other forests around the world. His throne is carved from the broken trunk of an enormous mountain ash and is carpeted in moss and embellished with kangaroo ferns.

Inlet near camp

We camped on Parker Hill which overlooks an inlet and Parker River. At dusk the bronze dragon of the river and the azure dragon of the sea meet on the sand and wrestle. Claws and tails entwined they fight until the sun has set then retreat, one to his burrow behind the tree roots in the river bank, the other to his sandstone cave beneath the sea.

View from Parker Hill

Our final stop was Warrnambool. A lovely town I wouldn’t mind living in if it weren’t so far away. We saw Middle Island where the Maremmas guard the Little Penguins.

Rock pools near Warrnambool

When walking along the boardwalk there was a staircase down to the rocks. There, trapped in a pool I found the ornate hand mirror of a mermaid. It showed me anything and everything I wished to see. Before we left I threw the mirror back into the ocean. That kind of power is always dangerous.

We spent three days on the Great Ocean Road one of which was my 28th birthday! I’m really happy I spent it exploring the beautiful Australian landscape and am all warmed up for next trip, the epic week long journey to Queensland!

Thanks for reading.

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