Letters from Suburbia

Dear Writers, Readers and Daydreamers,

Today I shaved my legs for the first time in over a month.

This wasn’t a social experiment or a political stance. It was because I couldn’t be bothered (and, because it’s still freezing in north Victoria, I could get away with it). In fact, the only reason I shaved my legs today was because I had an interview and was planning on wearing a skirt (not so freezing today as it happens).

This lack of shaving could be attributed to a number of things; the could weather, feeling as if I don’t have time, but what I really think it comes down to is a general malaise I seem to have stumble into.

My year had a rocky start and never really evened out. Because of this I have struggled with motivation and mood for many months now. It has reached a point where I need to make a change. No more leaving clean laundry in the basket for a week or until my partner tips it out on the bed, forcing me to put it away.

~ four jobs interviews, two delicious meals out and a good sleep later ~

I’m still ready for that change and I feel as if I’ve taken steps in the right direction already. I’m not going to be too hard on myself or over-worry about everything and everyone in my life. Instead I’m going to take baby steps (like cutting my toenails) plan a week at time (something I started three weeks ago and has been working well) and not overburden myself with too many unending to do lists.

I’m going to focus on all the current buzz words; mindfulness, decluttering and… I can’t think of a third, but basically positivity, mind/body balance and leading a simple happy life are my goals for the next few months (and probably forever).

It’s probably easy for me to say this now, while I’m away from the anarchy of my current home and am still buzzing from the ego boost of a job offer (at the interview itself) but I hope to carry this energy back with me and hold tight while I face the travel and packing and work and stress that the next two weeks are promising.

I’ll see you on the other side,

Goodbye beautiful tree, I’ll miss you.


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