Letters from the Farm: September

Dear Writers, Readers and Daydreamers,

This is the second and may be the last letter from the farm you receive for a while. We’re moving again! This time to the burbs somewhere east of Melbourne. I’m excited to have hipster style caffeine but a short stroll away, Mat’s excited to have some well deserved time off.

As you can imagine, times are tough. Mat continues to work the crazy dairy farming hours, I’m working close to full time. In fact, I’m writing this in a bit of a rush before I go to work.

It’s important to learn new things about yourself and what I’ve learnt working the most hours I ever have since fully dedicating myself to my writing is I hate it. I think it’s good to work with people and get out of the house now and again, but doing it every day is suffocating me. Especially when writing deadlines loom, household chores pile up and I’ve got to pack up a decent portion of the house by Saturday so we can start ferrying things to my mums place.

The last time I was gainfully employed, I worked two casual jobs which I think averaged out to three shifts a week, one of which was only three hours. That worked for me, I could still complete Masters assignments to a HD standard working like that.

Now maybe it’s me, maybe I need to be more discipline, work late at night, wake up earlier, ignore Mat on weekends. Or maybe it’s that for the first time in my life I am working five days a week, in a relationship the requires time, The primary cook and grocery shopper of the household, and taking on writing assignments (not to mention moving. Maybe it’s just a bad time and I should be more forgiving of myself. After all I did just realise the other day  that I’ve been published three times as much this year than last, that’s pretty special.

Either way now is the time to buckle down, maybe next month things will seem easier.

Warm Regards,

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