My First Vlog

Let me start by saying… this isn’t really a vlog. I’ve been wanting to start vlogging for a really long time now (3 -4 weeks). Ever since I started binge watching Fran Meneses videos, then Beth be Rad videos, then Holly Exley videos. Seriously, I’ve watched them all so if anyone has any recommendations on who to watch next I’m all ears.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been filming bits and pieces here and there, but nothings really come together. I’m also struggling with the technical side; I have an old computer with the CS3 version of Premiere Pro and a new-ish Olympus SH1 camera and no idea what to set what to so that the video doesn’t lag or glitch. But anyway, I decided to stop stuffing around and just throw something online, which happens to be below.

While I’m learning, my videos may be random and abstract, but I will endeavor to teach myself at least one new thing with each video and hopefully soon I will be mildly competent.


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