The Girl Most Likely – Rebecca Sparrow


“I choose a table that is partly in the sun. And as I sit here I realise that I’m happy.”

Date Completed: June 22 2016
Page Length: 284

I started reading this book way back in 2011. For whatever reason I stopped after a couple chapters and only picked it up again last week. I couldn’t tell you what that reason was, this time round I found it intensely readable. Short chapters, fast pace and witty tone add up to make quite the page turner.

I bought this book at the Lifeline book fair in Canberra when I was visiting a friend. We each picked out a book for the other (we’d studies literature together in Queensland) and this was her recommendation for me.

While some of the romantic comedy elements were familiar and, yes, predictable, I didn’t find that detracted from how much I enjoyed this book.

As the cover says, it was irresistibly funny and, in the end,  just what I needed. It was a nice break from my usual reading which I found very refreshing.

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