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I haven’t lead a traditional working life. I was very spoilt in the sense that my parents supported my dreams both emotionally and financially. This rankles a lot of people and I understand why, but I’m not ashamed of what my parents have done for me, I’m grateful.

When I left high school I didn’t know what I should do, let alone what I wanted to do. I tried studying photography, but dropped out after three weeks (before the refund cut-off). My parents got me a work experience position with one of their clients, populating website pages with content. It was easy work but I liked it and it lead to a paid position covering the HR Admin Assistant’s maternity leave.
By the time that wound up my mum had convinced me to apply for midyear entry to a Bachelor of Arts. I got into the University of Queensland and it was probably the best thing I ever did and set me onto the path to becoming a writer. (If you want to read about writing journey you should check out the 
Chronology of my Writing Self).
During my degree I worked for a few months at a grocery store (not naming any names). It was only seven years later that I was able to enter one of these stores without post-traumatic stress flash backs. In hindsight it probably wasn’t that bad, but I was a timid 20-year-old and the boss intimidated me. Later in life I learnt how to stick-it-out even when a job occasionally left you in tears.

Hearsay was truly a product of not-having-a-frickin’-clue. Post uni, I hadn’t done any of the things I was supposed to do; intern, apply to graduate positions, put of the issue another year by doing honours. I hadn’t even thought about them. I picked up my degree, clinked champagne glasses with my smiling parents and went to sleep a happy woman. 

I remember vaguely thinking I’d get another job at a grocery store and write a novel to which my mum said “No you won’t.”

She was right, but a year later I started a business.

I really don’t want to go into every step in Hearsay’s assorted history that lead me to today. The thought truly exhausts me. There were times, however, that were thrilling (selling at Laneway Festival and then dancing up a storm, my first Finders Keepers market, becoming a wholesaler at the Life Instyle trade show in Melbourne). Rewriting my resume the other day reminded me of all the things I had achieved and what I was capable of.

So what went wrong? Why has Hearsay only been erratically active since 2014?

I chose writing. I enrolled in my Masters degree, got two part time jobs in retail that I didn’t have to bring home with me at the end of the day and I worked really hard.

I frequently feel huge pangs of regret over the whole thing, though the recent writing successes have done something to ease that burden. But, recently I’ve been thinking… and planning… and researching, and thinking some more. Hearsay and the role it’s played in my life still excites me. I don’t have two jobs and a Masters degree to focus on and while I have a bad habit of writing blog posts about future plans which I never follow through, this is different. This I have done before. This I can do again… with a difference.

I am a writer, that is my passion and I still choose it, but there is no reason Hearsay and writing can’t be a mutually beneficial relationship. I already learnt a lot about copy writing and website content creation from building Hearsay, not to mention the name just fits. I’m not going to divulge all of my plans, not yet anyway, but new product ranges are definitely going to skew towards the writerly. So if you’re a reader or writer with a penchant for organisation stay tuned. If you like easy and affordable ways to spruce up your decor keep me in mind. And if you’re in constant search for inspiration look my way. These are for you.

P.S. Hearsay will still be selling a range of handmade jewellery and homewares while stock lasts!




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