Humber 15_08_2015

Sleeping in till embarrassingly late, Steph and I opted for skipping breakfast and going out for brunch instead. Rolling into Humber at just before 11:30 we could have still picked from the breakfast menu (Steph had been craving the mushrooms) however we passed it over for the lunch version. I got the pulled pork roll. Fricken’ amazeballs, especially the onion rings on top, which I savoured throughout. I usually like my chips thick cut and golden crunchy but Humber’s shoestring fries are yummy in a whole different way. After a little deliberation we agreed the special seasoning was steak salt! This has neither been confirmed nor denied (mostly because I haven’t asked). The coffee doesn’t blow your mind but it’s nice and does the job. I’m yet to try something more exciting from the hot drinks menu, namely the dirty chai, which I have been told is a chai tea served with a shot of coffee (oh yeah).

Steph took a bite from her chicken burger (also enjoyable) and then noticed the barista from across the way step out of the café. He looked left and right, walked a little way down the street and then back up and into his shop. He was handsome in a strong featured way and you could tell he was fit under his t-shirt and canvas apron. He repeated this behaviour throughout our meal until he walked all the way to the corner then down the stairs into Coles.

The barista emerged some minutes later carrying an enormous pineapple. The body was as big as a watermelon and the leaves up the top were twice as big again. A few dawdlers and a couple of gawkers, a pair of shoppers and three young girls still deciding where to eat all saw him and followed in curiousity. He led them into the previously empty café. He plonked the pineapple down on the counter and they each took up seats, pretending to read the menu while casting furtive glances in the pineapple’s direction.

The Barista was well satisfied with number of patrons now at his mercy. The only problem was he had no idea what to do with that huge pineapple.

Steph and I finished our meals and glanced into the other café on our way past. It looked nice enough. We would have to try it next time.

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