Selfie of the Week! Hurrah!

You know how some people take selfies of what they’re wearing on a weekly (or daily) basis and share them with the world. Well I’ve decided to do it too, today anyway, and I’m doing it mostly because I realised I was wearing this…


Sometimes I put on clothes for no reason other than to not be naked or something took my fancy. Such was the case today. Let me break this outfit down for you.

This morning I went swimming (fifty laps, take that everyone that ever said Sarah doesn’t exercise) and that little mint based polka dot number peaking out above my top is my bikini top. It’s a good sturdy choice for swimming laps, unlike my more bra-like number that fills with water and is pushed down around my waist every time I push off a wall.

After my swim I didn’t feel like showering and it was too hot for too many clothes so I threw on the skimpiest singlet I had (being the singlet pictured) and a pair of shorts. You’ll note without the bikini top that singlet becomes very immodest.

The shorts were replaced with the skirt (hand made by my wonderful mother for a Disney themed birthday party I was going to a few years back). I opened my wardrobe, saw it hanging there and thought that should be on my body. Next thing you know I was wandering about the place dressed like the above.

I may be picking on my outfit here but I actually kind of love it and wish I was the kind of person that wore this out. At least I know there’ll always be days when I put on clothes for no other reason than not being naked and because I fancy them.

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