I just had the pleasant realization that I am home alone, and don’t need to wear a bra. I’m not a huge fan of the bra, no that’s not it. I love buying pretty bra’s and, hopefully, looking pretty in them, but I am increasingly buying what I only learnt last week was called soft cups (that means no padding and preferably not underwire). I’m not very busty and don’t need heaps of support so these minimalist bras do the job, are way more comfy, and don’t do that gapey thing padded bras do when I slouch. But sometimes I just hate wearing bras altogether, especially on stifling 30+ degree days. It feels like my boobs are suffocating. Free the nipple, I say, and so do Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross.

I also prefer the shape of my breasts in soft cups, they look a lot more like breasts and less like balloons, call me crazy.

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