Feeling Good

I checked my emails on my phone today because I was on the move. Now, for some reason my outlook email won’t sync properly with my HTC One so when I check my emails on my phone I actually have to go to the website via my phone’s internet browser. This morning, when I squinted to read the teeny text and see who I had emails from I was super excited to see one from Foxtel in response to my job application. The subject read ‘What happened with the Foxtel role?’ And the answer was, ‘We don’t want you, loser!!!’ Ok they weren’t actually that mean, in fact it was the nicest form rejection letter I’ve ever received (they said I had some great experience and skills to offer, just not the right great skills and experience). It was so nice I even considered that it might not be a form response at all. My cynical self wouldn’t let me entertain that notion for very long though. She’s a bitter bitch… anyway the result is the same, no job me 😦

Despite this, still fresh, blow, I’m feeling pretty good about things. The pining period seems to be nearing its end. I think about the good times and smile. I still miss it of course, but hey, it was a holiday, everyone misses their holiday when they come back to reality and I don’t even have a job to distract me. Anyway I’m feeling really happy and positive (when I’m not being a cynical bitter bitch) so yay me!

P.S. new favourite website: Birdee

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